Book Week 2023 Day 1

Book Week is the best time of the school calendar and this year, we spent it in the south west corner of Australia thanks to Albany Library. We kicked off day 1 in the delightful township of Denmark and as this video shows, we new we were in for a fun and exciting ride.

Book Week 2023 Day 2

The people in this part of the world are delightful, down-to-earth and super fun. How's this random woman in the main street of Mount Barker joining in the sunglasses madness? Well played!

Book Week 2023 Day 3

The next three days of the first week we spent in schools in and around Albany itself. Here's a little taste of this picturesque and delightful corner of the country.

Rappville Public School

On October 8th 2019, devastating bushfires ripped through the tiny country town of Rappville, destroying the original town hall, ten homes and damaging several others. A few weeks later we visited the region to show our support for the locals and bring some joy to the children of the local school.

Mildura 2019 Day 1

Mildura is a gorgeous town set on the banks of the Murray in Northern Victoria. This is day one of our visit in 2019 which kicked off in the remote town of Wentworth. We even visited a totally indigenous school called Dareton and as you can see, the whole day was a blast!

Mildura 2019 Day 2

Sunny, fabulous, glorious Mildura! Home of the orange, the mandarin and kids who love eating sausages and listening to audio books... or eating audio books and reading sausages. Nice!

Mildura 2019 Day 3

Apparently Andy Griffiths grew up around Mildura. In this video, we set out to find him...or anyone who knew him.

Far North Queensland - 2018 Rockhampton

Stig gets interviewed by the girl who asked too many questions. Meanwhile the cameraman is in China filming "Neha at the library!" Has the heat of Far North Queensland finally melted Stig's brain? Or is it just the excitement of he Summer Reading club. It's a true story... so it's non-fiction.

Far North Queensland - 2018 Gladstone

The kids of Gladstone in Far North Queensland all signed up for The Summer Reading club in the hope that they could win a car, or a house, or a motorbike....or a cabbage! And the chance to read more books than New South Wales. Genius.

Far North Queensland - 2018            Gin Gin 

Far North Queensland is a magical place full of great little towns like Gin Gin, just up the road from Tonic, Tonic and a stones throw from a quiet little hamlet called "squeeze of Lemon" We got them all to together to create one big party to help launch The Summer Reading Club. Cheers!

Far North Queensland - 2018 Hervey Bay

2018 was a massive year for Stig Live @ The Library. This video sums up a year of touring Australia, New Zealand and the UK and sets the stage for an even bigger 2019!

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 1

The inaugural Stig Live @ The Library tour kicked off in Manchester at Manchester Central Library. We spoke to hundreds of kids about reading, audio books and  @borrowbox  but we don't really care about any of that. We just like listening to the accent.

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 2

You can't feel homesick for Australia in Newcastle. They have the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Yarra river. "A modern library needs modern things and Borrow Box fits the bill" We even found time to squeeze in a visit to the iconic St.James Park, home of Newcastle United.

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 3

We went to Hull in the North East. It was as windy as Hull. We stood under the 2 kilometer long single suspension bridge that leads to the gates of Hull. And we spoke to hundreds of kids about  @borrowbox and we raised Hull.

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 4

We spent Day 4 in the beautiful english countryside of Leicestershire. I don't know what it is about being in this part of world but it just makes you feel so English. Maybe it's driving on the wrong side of the road, or the cold and rainy weather or maybe it's because everyone speaks with an English accent. "Hullo Gov, got a new motor?"

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 5

We ended the week in the seaside resort town of Portsmouth and by way of making sure we never forgot the place, the locals made me get a tattoo...or two... of me crutching a shoe. What?

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 6

By the second week of the tour we had made our way to Ireland. When you fly from London to Ireland you have to wear three seatbelts on the plane. Do you know why? "to be sure, to be sure, to be sure" From Cork to Tipperary and every castle in between!

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 7

Back in England in the beautiful district of Cumbria otherwise known as the Lakes District. Gorgeous villages, windy roads through green pastures full of grazing sheep, stone cottages with flags fluttering and locals out walking their poodles, pausing only to do a pooh. It's all so incredibly English.

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 8

Back in Manchester in time for a quick visit to the iconic home of Manchester United, Old Trafford. Which to be honest, doesn't look that old . If anything it's quite modern and new looking. But you can't call it New Trafford because it's situated the historic city of Manchester where everything is steeped in ancient history. Even the local McDonalds has a heritage listing and is known to locals as "Grand Old Macca's"

The UK Tour 2018 - Day 9

After two weeks of touring schools and libraries in Ireland and the UK, this video is a summary of the highlights. Best three minutes you will spend...ever!

The Adelaide Experience

Part of the reason the Adelaide experience came about was due to an email we received here at the website from vision impaired mid called Matias. So it’s fitting that his video kicks of the the magnificent Adelaide Experience.


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