The Tripp Diaries 2

Featuring original songs, hilarious sketches, celebrity interviews and the next exciting installment of The Tripp Diaries – Plan: Rescue Dad! Of course, the trouble with this is athat it is a sequel, and we all know…

Sequels Suck!


After solving the mystery of the koala-nappers in The Tripp Diaries #1, Nick Tripp and his family are back on the road and facing their next challenge – the Nullabor Plain. This time Dad is the one in danger when he offers to help out an old truckie by driving his Semi across the desert – and is swallowed up by the mysterious Nullabor Triangle. It’s up to Nick to rescue his Dad, save his sister, capture the evil Tiny Tim, break the code and find the missing fish. Not easy for a regular 13-year-old kid with no super powers, who has never even kissed a girl!

And FriendsBetween each chapter Stig and his friends present a madcap, in-car variety show with original songs, hilarious sketches, a guest appearance by Neighbours star Alan Fletcher and the return of Butternut with his acclaimed rap song, Butternut the peanut butter nutter!

The Peanut Butter Rap

The official launch of The Tripp Diaries 2 took place at…where else? A car sales showroom. Check some of the photos from the day. 


An enjoyable character-driven mystery. Stig Wemyss pulls together the proceedings effortlessly and is an appealingly exuberant narrator.
– Children’s Bookseller & Publisher 

1005555_10151418128547563_32302283_nEach of the Tripp Diaries was recorded at a an independent recording studio and this one was done at The Magic Sound Company in Yarrville, by the best sound designer in the world (He made me say that) Craig Jansson. Craig has two kids of his own and has a great understanding of how to create this type of in-car madness and mayhem. He lives it 24 hours a day! Good job, Craig!

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