The Tripp Diaries 1


Rodney Tripp, loving husband and father of three has decided to take his family on a driving holiday around Australia. His wife, Linda describes it as recipe for disaster, stuck in the car for four weeks with a whingeing nine year old, a pre-pubescent middle son and a sixteen year old daughter, who would rather be at home with her boyfriend.

However, Rodney knows this could be the last holiday they will have together as a family and is determined to make it a journey they will never forget. The story unfolds through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Nick and in the beginning, it’s a diaster, with everyone arguing amongst themselves.

Then Nick uncovers a koala-poaching ring and the family resolve to follow the bad guys in an effort to catch them in the act. Suddenly, Rodney’s driving holiday has become an exciting adventure, as the Tripps start to discover the truth about life, the country they have set out to explore and ultimately, themselves.

Listen to the opening song:
Are We There Yet

Alan FletcherIn addition to a gripping adventure tale, The Tripp Diaries also features original songs, hilarious sketches and a celebrity interview with Neighbours’ star Alan Fletcher. In fact Alan has a cameo appearance in all three Tripp Diaries, playing himself…and sometimes playing Natalie Basingthwaite.

Listen To the original  Alan Fletcher
Fletch Sketch


A high-energy introduction brings the reader right into the back seat with young Nick Tripp as he reluctantly begins another car trip with his family. Stig Wemyss is joined by a cast of other readers, including special guest Alan Fletcher, to bring us the story of the Tripps’ adventure. It begins innocently enough as a family holiday but quickly develops into something far more as Nick’s father takes a small detour to chase suspected koala kidnappers. The story is interspersed with not to be missed Tripp tips on how to survive touring holidays.

See, even the critics agree, The Tripp Diaries is the complete In-car entertainment package for 8 to 88 year-olds! A two hour audio extravaganza, written and performed by Stig Wemyss …and friends.

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