The Tripp Diaries

Written & Narrated By Stig Wemyss!


As well as being one of Australia’s most loved audio book narrators, Stig is also the author of The Tripp Diraies.

For those of you who are not familiar with this series of audio books, specifically written for audio, everything you need to know about the Tripp Diaries is right here.

You can hear some extracts from the stories, meet some of the characters, go behind the scenes, listen to some of the songs and purchase a autographed copies of all three books.


Stig created The Tripp Diaries as an audio booked experience specifically for the family to listen to whilst stuck in the car with each other on a long driving trip. Think of it as in-flight entertainment except for your car. It features songs, comedy sketches, interviews and heaps of crazy in-car madness and mayhem.

However, the spine of the book, the glue that holds it all together and keeps you engaged for the entire journey, is the story.  The tale of a young Australian family on a driving holiday around the country. The whole country. Not just across to Perth and back, right the way round the outside, on the coast road. And whose idea do you think that might have been?

That’s right, the DADS!

What is about Dads that they think it might be a good idea to cram the entire family into a station wagon and drive ten hours straight into an unknown destination? What part of that sounds like a holiday?

Well, that’s exactly what Rodney Tripp decides to do with his long-suffering wife,  Linda, and three kids Julia, Nick & Jamie. The story is relayed through the eyes of 12 year old Nick Tripp as  we follow the family on an epic adventure of Koala-nappers, car chases and stinky feet. We soon discover their ambitious road-trip becomes a journey through life and an insight into growing up.

The Tripp Diaries is one heck of a way to spend your next family road trip. But don’t take our word for it, you can buy your very own copy of all The Tripp Diaries right here.