About Stig

Stig trained at as an actor at the Chimera School of acting in Perth W.A. and then in New York with acclaimed theatre actor Uta Hagen.Uta Hagen

He returned to Australia in 1989 and was instantly cast in the Channel Ten sitcom Col’n Carpenter. Those of you who are older enough might remember his woosy character Micheal Preeble, a mung bean munching, tree hugging, greenie with long black hair and little round glasses. Michael and Colin, played by Kim Gyngell, lived together in a shared house with Julia, played by Vikki Blanche.

If you’ve never seen it before, here is Episode One of Col’n Carpenter

Col’n carpenter ran for almost two years then Stig went on to play guest roles in telly shows like; Round The Twist, Blue Heelers, Stingers, Crash Zone, Marshall Law, Neighbours and heaps more.


In the mid-nineties, Stig was the voice of Bob in the Channel Nine sitcom,The Bob Morrison Show. He was also the voice of Lil’ Elvis Jones in the ABC animated series of the same name.

This is an episode of Li’l Elvis entitled ‘I hate My Own Birthday’

As well as working consistently in television, Stig’s acting career has taken him into the theatre, playing such roles as Puck in A Mid-Summer Nights Dream and Peter Pan in the Peter Pan the Pantomime. Try saying that with a mouthful of fairy dust.

In 1995 Stig created a character that appeared on the big screens at the MCG called Voice Of The G which ran until 2000. The Voice Of The G would appear before the game 227885_201874026516585_1687918_nand during the quarter breaks, talking to supporters on the big screen in front of thousands of people. Ask your Dad if he remembers The Voice Of The G?

Stig’s work as a performer has also led him into the medium of film. As a young actor, he worked with Nicole Kidman on Windrider. And then with Deborah Lee-Furness in the acclaimed Australian feature Shame. More recently, he appeared in River Street and Jimone’s recent release The Extra.

Probably the area of performance that Stig is most well known for his voice work, including radio and television commercials, animation series, corporate narration and of course audio book narration. In fact, Stig has narrated hundred’s of audio books. You can see the full of books Stig has narrated here.

Or listen to his commercial Voice Over demo reel!

Voice Demo 2012

As well as being an accomplished performer, Stig is also a writer. He began writing early in his career, creating his own stand up material and then went on to write for television on the shows, Col’n Carpenter, All Together Now and The Bob Morrison Show. However, his is biggest writing project began with the creation of the The Tripp Diaries. To find out more about how that came about, click here.

lAs well as being one of Australia’s most loved narrators, Stig is also the CEO of a video production company called Mezzanine Productions. Stig’s company makes television commercials, corporate video, web-video and short films.